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Petrol Generator

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  • Portable CE approved generator
  • 2 kilowatts via 2 x 3 pin UK plug sockets
  • For microwaves, small heaters, hairdryers, tools, computers
  • Standard recoil start, easy to start the engine
  • 20 kilos and has a built in carrying handle
  • Large 4 litre fuel tank
  • Output 1.6 kw  max power of 2 kw
  • 6 hour continuous operation at 70%
  • DC output is 12.8 volts at 8.3 amps
  • 56db at a distance of 7 metres
  • Auto voltage adjuster and oil alert system
  • T.D.I ignition system with a circuit breaker
  • For camping, caravan sites, boats, during power shortages


Out of stock

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Petrol Generator

Petrol Generator supplied by The Caravan Supermarket

Petrol Generator Product Information

Item Model Number:
Item Weight:
Product Dimensions
(L) 480 x (W) 280 x (H) 390mm

Dimensions are approximate

Petrol Generator Product Description

This new portable CE approved pure sinewave inverter generator provides power on demand and supplies up to 2 kilowatts via 2 x 3 pin UK plug sockets. It can provide power for microwaves, small heaters, hairdryers, tools, computers, tablets, lamps, phones, GPS and coolers to name a few. It has a standard recoil start, which makes it easy to start the engine. It is lightweight at only 20 kilos and has a built in carrying handle. It includes a large 4 litre fuel tank. Its rated output is 1.6 kilowatts with a maximum power of 2 kilowatts. It has a 6 hour continuous operation at 70% of the rated load. Its DC output is 12.8 volts at 8.3 amps. At a distance of 7 metres its noise level is 56db. It has an auto voltage adjuster and an oil alert system. Its ignition system is T.D.I. and it incorporates a circuit breaker without a fuse. Ideal for camping and caravan sites, on boats, at the work place or at home during power shortages.

Manufacturer Specs & Tests
Fuel tank at 4 litres is 30% larger than competitors
Very quiet 56db @ 7 metres
Stable, reliable 2kw output without power reduction
Air cooled 4 stroke single cylinder
Displacement = 79cc
Rated power output = 1.6 kw/4800 rpm
Max power output = 2 kw/5000 rpm
Ignition system = T.D.I.
Starting system = recoil
Fuel tank capacity = 4 litres
Noise = 56db @ 7 metres
Continuous operating (70% rated load) = 6 hrs
Rated output frequency = 50hz/60hz
Rated output voltage = 230 v/240v, AC output: 230v
Rated power output = 1.6kva
Maximum power output = 2kva

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Box Contains

1 x Petrol Generator


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