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Radar Reflector

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  • Aluminium radar reflector
  • Large ships see you on radar
  • Holes included for securing
  • Size approved by ISAF, ORC, MCA
  • Hoist as high as possible
  • Orientate it vertical
  • Folds flat to store


Out of stock

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This radar reflector is a simple but effective and necessary piece of kit for your boat or sailing vessel. Why do boats need a radar reflector? Whether you have a sailing boat, a rib, a yacht or motor cruiser, such vessels poorly reflect a radar signal due to their size and the materials they are made of such as wood, fibreglass and composite materials. Large vessels can fail to pick up smaller vessels, even at close range. This reflector helps to reflect a radar signal back to large ships so that they can locate you on their radar screen. The reflector is made of aluminium and has holes included for attaching to your vessel. Its size is approved by ISAF, ORC and MCA. To use effectively, hoist the reflector as high as possible and orientate it so it remains vertical. (see illustration) It folds completely flat when not in use making it easy to store.


caravan accessories radar reflector

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Box contains:
1 x Radar Reflector

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 340 × 340 × 470 mm


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