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Sea Drogue

In stock
  • Made from high grade strong PVC
  • Continuous webbing straps
  • Steadies a boat in rough seas
  • Drogues to suit craft size
  • From 15 feet to 45 feet


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Sea Drogue

Sea Drogue supplied by The Caravan Supermarket

Sea Drogue Product Information

Item Model Number:
Item Weight:
200g, 230g, 480g, 560g, 700g
Product Dimensions
45 feet – 145cm x 190cm – red
30 feet – 135cm x 142cm – red
25 feet – 125cm x 125cm – yellow
20 feet – 65cm x 75cm – yellow
15 feet – 50cm x 55cm – red

Dimensions are approximate

Sea Drogue Product Description

Our sea drogues are manufactured from high grade strong PVC with continuous webbing straps. A drogue is used to steady a boat in rough seas by trailing it through the water behind the vessel. As a boat moves up and down through the waves, a drogue is dragged through a set of waves that has passed to reduce the up and down effect, thereby steadying the boat. We have a selection of drogues to suit a crafts size from 15 feet to 45 feet.

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Box Contains

1 x Sea Drogue

Additional information

Drogue Size

45 ft Craft, 30 ft Craft, 25 ft Craft, 20 ft Craft, 15 ft Craft


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