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The Caravan Supermarket Levelling Ramps

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These levelling ramps are sturdy, and of durable construction. They are suitable for levelling your caravan or motor home. Cleats make it easier to raise the vehicle. Designed to level a vehicle when parked on uneven ground. Made of strong weatherproof material, which is easy to clean and UV resistant. Not all caravan sites have similar levels of development. Caravan sites can range from a patch of dirt, to a level, paved pad. In the UK it is more likely that caravan pitches will be on grass which may be uneven, soft and unstable, especially during inclement weather. With this in mind, stabilising a caravan with jockey wheel receivers, stabilising feet pads and levelling ramps, like the one listed here, can make a stay at a caravan site more enjoyable. The Caravan Supermarket has 35 years experience in the caravan and camping industry and is based in Birmingham. The Caravan Supermarket is committed to offering its caravan and camping customers a secure and enjoyable shopping experience. We provide quality caravan and camping accessories at clear and competitive prices by including VAT in the marked price and by offering a free delivery. We give our customers a great service along with expert advice and peace of mind that comes from a 30 day no hassle returns policy. We engender the holiday spirit and want to play a small part in enriching that spirit.

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